Request for assistance for Vietnamese Slip of Justice Record

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Consult about request for assistance for Vietnamese Slip of Justice Record

Request for assistance for Vietnamese Slip of Justice Record

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Arnaldo Pellini <>



tới Phan Thị Hương Thủy <>

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Dear Sirs, 

 my name is Arnaldo Pellini. I have received you email and contact information form the US Embassy in Ha Noi. 

 I am writing to ask if you could help me with a certificate I need to get from Vietnam. I am included in a project proposal to the Australian Government  as long term advisor for a project in Indonesia and need to show a Slip of Justice Record for the countries I have citizenship (Italy and Germany) and where I have lived during the last 5 yrs: Vietnam and Philippines. The only certificate that I am missing is the one for Vietnam and I am a bit running out of time. There are two ways to get the Slip of Justice Record go to Ha Hoi and request but nobody could tell me how long its takes to get it or have somebody trusted in Vietnam who can request and collect the certificate for me. I would like to try the second option and the procedure is the following:

 1) Find a person who is willing to do this

 2) Get a scanned copy of his or her passport or ID 

 3) Fille the attached declaration (Power of Attorney)

 4) Get this certified by a notary which I can do here in Jakarta where I am now

 5) Go to a Vietnamese Embassy and get their certification at the bottom of the attached document

 6) Send the Power fo Attorney and the filled request for the Justice Slip (separate format to the person in Ha Noi).

 7) S/he then will have to go to the Ministry of Justice and submit everything on my behalf. I would of course pay a fee + all costs involved in copies, scanning and sending by post.

 Pls let me know if you/your office could provide assistance on this matter during the next two weeks.  I will be in Jakarta on the week of 1.10 and could get the certification by the VIetnamese Embassy in Jakarta.   Pls find attached the draft POA and request as well as a copy of my current passport for identification as well as visas to Vietnam for 2007 and 2008.

 With kind regards,


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AP pass Ger 2011-21.pdf

 Xem trước tệp đính kèm AP Vn visa 07-08.pdf

 AP Vn visa 07-08.pdf

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AP VN visa 2007.pdf

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Phan Thị Hương Thủy <>       26/09/2012

tới Arnaldo

 Hi Mr. Arnaldo!

Thank you for your email. 
I am checking your document attached herewith for applying the Slip of Justice Record and our consutation is follows:
- All documents you had scaned are correct. You need to send the certified power of attorney at VN embassy for my name who shall be on behalf of you to submit the application to the Hanoi Justice Department.
- However, in you document there is lack of one paper: this is your permernant residen permit of policement where you had lived during two years 2007-2008. You must find this document and scan to me.
- Pls write concretly the address (street, district in Hanoi) as I could not understand the exact address because I have state in the form of applying the Slip of justice Record.
- For the time obtaining the Slip of Justice record: According to the law the time for issuing this document is one month including the time of checking in the Hanoi policement. 
In case you need more information you can contact me 
Mobile: 0903454699
Don't be worried I can help you in this matter.
Best regards

Phan Thị Hương Thủy <>       27/09/2012

tới Arnaldo

Hi Mr. Arnaldo

Regarding your request for otaining the Slip of Justice Record
Arfter considering I am confirming the procedure and required document that you need tosend me as follows:
- The competent organization to issue the Slip of Justice Record: The Ministry of Justice (that mean is not Hanoi Justice Department)
- The required document: The certificate for your time permernent living in Vietnam; certfied your passport in Vietnam Embassy, the Power of attorney for me certified by Vietnam Embassy. You need conduct two set for submitting th MOJ.
- The time of obtaining: 07days counting from the date of receiving the documents.